Incubation Services

BSMART™ works with the Workright Centre for Entrepreneurship to provide “Business in a Box”, and valuable connections through our “know how network”. You can gain assistance with Business Planning, Research and Development Management, Intellectual Property Protection, preliminary Legal documentation, Bookkeeping services and Financial Modelling to de-risk your early stage company.

Industrial Design

From preliminary sketches, proof of concept and 2D designs our experienced BSMART™ team can analyze, evaluate and assist you to improve your design. We will help you to draft your specifications, and we may challenge your design assumptions, and offer advice to avoid over engineering, but only to reduce your costs and your risks.

CAD/CAM Modelling

3D CAD design and full Production diagrams – BSMART™ will help de-risk your design and optimize performance.

3D Printing

3D Printing will decrease your time-to-market; save you money; mitigate your risk; enable you to clearly communicate your product; provide you with a feedback mechanism as you get the look and feel of your product; it will enable you to personalize your product and build in your imagination – all the while enabling you to “fail fast and fail cheap”. You can test your ideas, experience technical breakthroughs and choose ideal solutions quickly.

Rapid Prototyping

a. Tooling
With over 30 years in the manufacturing, we can assist with tooling design, and provide advice on the most cost effective tool, and we can supply the tool to do the job you want – at the best quality and price.

b. Production
We offer injection moulding, pre-production trials, optimization and assembly services. With over 30 years experience with global companies we know how to deliver on time, to quality and at the right price.