Building Materials

BSMART™ is committed to providing affordable building materials from recycled waste. BSMART™ Green. Brick™ equipment can   produce bricks without kiln firing, creating bricks, pavers and roof tiles with naturally low embodied energy (the total energy consumed in a product’s life cycle). BSMART™’s bricks save up to 85% of the energy when compared to traditional kiln fired bricks, and are made using a virtually emissions-free process.

BSMART™ Green Brick™ equipment is capable of manufacturing up to 2,800 bricks per hour, using raw aggregates, demolition rubble, and our proprietary BSMART™ Binder. Over a 24-hour operating period, this means that 150 cubic metres of raw material can be converted into affordable, revenue generating, sustainable Green Bricks™ or pavers.


With over 30 years of experience in Production and Manufacturing, BSMART™’s Engineering Design and Manufacturing teams can create a product for you. BSMART™ manufacturing can include CAD design, Plastic Moulding, Tool Design, Product Development, 3D Printing, Prototyping and full product assembly. To effectively serve our clients and deliver quality products to our customers, we use state of the art equipment to undertake CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Welding, Fabrication and Plastic Injection Moulding Processes.
BSMART™ can manufacture with a range of metal and plastic materials.

Waste Management

BSMART™’s core Vision is “to excel in the design, production and commercialization of innovative breakthrough technologies that will lower carbon emissions and be a positive force for good amongst the world’s poorest peoples.” We consider waste management and recycling to be a significant part of our Vision, and are working with our strategic alliance partners to create solutions to waste management problems that would otherwise be harming the world that we live in. Our BSMART™ Green Brick™ equipment provides waste management solutions including the conversion of waste from furnace slags, quarrying and mining wastes, clays, demolition rubble and fly ash into Green Bricks™.

Sustainable Engineering

BSMART™ works with strategic alliance partners towards sustainable solutions to environmental problems, including lowering the carbon footprint and increasing the use of clean energy. BSMART Green Bricks™ and pavers are manufactured with considerably less embodied energy than traditional bricks and using recycled materials, meaning that they are sustainable building products that won’t further dip into the Earth’s diminishing natural resources.

BSMART™ has aligned itself with a number of strategic alliance partners who share the same vision of a sustainable future. Spinergy Pty Ltd has brought Power4U® to market. Power4U® is a backup generator featuring silent operation and zero exhaust emissions. The Hydrospinergy® range is based on total inline power generators which provide hydro-electric clean energy solutions.

Other strategic alliance partners include the University of Adelaide regarding waste management and Pacific Enzymes (Australia) soil stabilization products which reduce maintenance costs on road surfaces. Further opportunities are continually being explored to help drive progress towards a sustainable future.

Excavated soil

Large particles requiring crushing

Available raw materials (silt, sand, clay)

Available raw materials (silt, sand, clay)