Incorporated as AV Extraordinaire Pty Ltd in Adelaide, South Australia on 26th May, 1998, the company quickly gained the Licence to Manufacture, Market and Assemble the MantaRay™, the world’s first (and possibly still, the only) “ruggedized” video projector. MantaRay™ was an exciting new “stand-alone” forward video projector with an in-built TV receiver – MantaRay™ gained CE certification and was exhibited in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shandong, and USA, and captured 6% of the Australian projection market in the first 12 months to market!

MantaRay™ was a very sophisticated design and a very complex product, requiring CAD designs and tooling with fine ‘draft’ tolerances, and included a design for heat dissipation that became the subject of a patent and a registered design. The precision optical engineering required accuracy of 500 microns.

This product set us apart as a precision manufacturer.

In 2010, the company was a member of a consortium that was gained a South Australian Innovation and Industry Fund Grant to enable the establishment of an Advanced Opto-electronics Facility.

The company now offers Advanced Manufacturing through the provision of

  • CAD designers
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Precision optical engineering
  • Tool makings
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Advanced robotic equipment
  • Representation

While we retain our licence for manufacture of Digislide products, including the WeSii™, a “composite” mobile audio and projection system, we have also been approached by other innovative South Australian early stage technology companies to manufacture their world leading products.

The company is Licensed to Manufacture, Market and Distribute Power4U® products.

We are the licensed manufacturer of technologies designed by Spinergy® Pty Ltd. Spinergy® provides clean, low cost power generation using flow and pressure in existing pipe infrastructure, to create in situ energy for real time monitoring and management of pipeline networks and drive instrumentation and telemetry equipment; and in remote communities can provide access to power.

As we moved towards the installation of robotics and specialist CAD engineering equipment, the company registered the trading names BSMART Manufacturing™ and BSMART Holdings™.

In November, 2016 we were approached by another innovative Australian entity regarding the manufacture of their breakthrough technologies in Waste Management and Recycling, and assistance in go-to-market strategies. Further negotiations led to merged operations and ownership.

The company acquired BSMART Global Constructions Pty Ltd in November, and registered the trading names BSMART Holdings™ and BSMART Manufacturing™ (hereinafter the group is called BSMART™), in December, 2016.

BSMART™ Green Brick™ equipment can be mounted in a 40’ container, as shown

Some Units can be mounted within a a truck fitting, as shown below