BSMART™ capabilities include the manufacture of quality products, components and engineering systems and the delivery of a range of support services, including CAD Design in Engineering and Plastics, Plastic Moulding, Plastic Tool Design, Product Development, 3D Printing, Prototyping and full product assembly.

To effectively serve our clients and delivery quality products to end customers, we use state of the art equipment to undertake CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Welding, Fabrication and Plastic InjectionMoulding processes with over 40 years of hands on experience.

We specialize in medium- large product runs, in manufacture and assembly of complex products with fine tolerances with highest degree of precision and uniformity, and handle with equal proficiency welding and metal fabrications – with each section working seamlessly to produce finished assembled products on behalf of our industry clients, strategic alliance partners, and our own customers with service and quality as our number one priority.

BSMART™ can manufacture precision components from a range of materials including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Engineering Plastics, Titanium, Nickel, Tool Steel, Alloy Steels and a large range of Engineering or Commodity Plastics whatever is required for manufacturing customer requirements.

The BSMART™ Team has had decades of precision engineering operations experience but we also involve additional industry specialists from our strategic alliance partners, to provide consultancy services as required to ensure that we are providing the best service to every client, regardless of the industry or sector to which they belong. We know “time is money”, and so we are committed to providing precision engineering solutions, timely feedback, and superior customer services. BSMART™ has created many intricate parts through our complex machining services. We understand materials, equipment, tools and processes.

Our Production Manager has provided plastic injection moulding and tool making, and hands on services for over 4 decades to local, national and international companies: including the Automotive Industry (GMH Australia and Mitsubishi), whitegoods industry (Electrolux and Caroma); product for potable water (Puratap) as well as many examples from general industries.

BSMART™ understands the importance of sustainability, and recognizes that flexibility and adaptation is the key to survival. Our Management Team has managed changes to enable us to retain our product quality and our customer service focus, while ensuring value for money for our clients, and secure employment for our key personnel.

We know it is the mighty oaks, and not the poplars that are uprooted in the storm, so we have always retained a flexible approach, as we have undergone internal reviews, formed strategic alliances and merged with other entities that embrace the same core values. Our commitment to investing in state of the art technology, and up-skilling our key employees, has ensured that management, assembly, marketing and sales personnel are fully au fait with the latest in technology, manufacturing methods and logistics.

2016 has seen BSMART™ gain the licence to manufacture and assemble world leading clean energy products; including the Power4U™ products, a range of Spinergy® and Hydrospinergy® products and BSMART™ Green Brick™ equipment – designed to produce, to Australian Standards, 2,800 bricks per hour from waste materials – with no kiln firing.

2017 promises to be exciting, with the recent merger that has seen BSMART™ strengthen its Board and Executive Management Team and increase its IP Portfolio. BSMART™ has gained the license to manufacture, market, sell and distribute the BSMART™ Green Brick™ construction equipment. This recent development, has seen BSMART™ turn our attention to expanding exports to The Republic of the Philippines, the Middle East, the People’s Republic of China and several African countries. This will further ensure that BSMART™, the proud South Australian company, remains globally competitive.


From a simple initial sketch, our in-house Design Team can take your vision and conceptually bring it to life. Our Design Team can subsequently assist with the manufacturing of your sketch.


Our Engineering Team are able to specify the correct materials and product configuration to suit your product in all areas of manufacturing. We are able to bring detail to your conceptual design, and work with you to create the most cost-efficient and suitable method of manufacture.

CAD Design

With years of experience, our in-house Design Team are able to design your requirements in front of your eyes. Using modern Computer Aided Design software, we are able to produce renders and technical drawings of almost any part.

3D Printing

Upon completion of the design stage, we can deliver a working model of your part with our own 3D printer in a wide range of materials. We are able to prototype your product in the correct material and colour to create a proof of concept in front of your eyes.


With our years of expertise in engineering and manufacturing, we are able to design and tool your products for manufacture, using the best materials and state-of-the-art machinery.

Injection Moulding

Using the latest technology in machinery, we are able to manufacture materials specified to all sizes. We are able to produce a variety of plastics in shapes and sizes specific to your needs.


With our years of engineering and toolmaking experience, well prior to manufacture we are able to optimise your design to be best tailored for visual impact and manufacturing suitability. Optimisation for manufacture will save you money, and optimisation for visual impact will make you money!

Pre-production trials

Once the tooling is ready for manufacture, our experienced Test Engineers are able to trial your design prototype. This allows you to use the test results to assist you with pre-sales, and ensure that you can manufacture at the best possible volume price, minimising wastage and saving money.


We have a great in-house team of skilled workers to assemble your product with high degrees of accuracy, quality and care. This ensures that you won’t have to deal with returned, faulty products, saving you money in the long term.

Software as a service

With experience creating advanced PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), we are able to offer software solutions to accompany your design and products.

BSMART™ Manufacturing is a truly one-stop manufacturing shop, with our very professional team covering all areas of manufacturing. Using the latest in machining technology and CAD software, we are able to cater for all designs, coupled with outstanding service.