Who we serve

We serve a range of clients from a number of industry sectors, including:

  • Agricultural – Spinergy®

    Spinergy provides in-pipe power generators to drive instrumentation or telemetry equipment. Inflowmatic™ monitors water usage and detects leaks.

  • Food Manufacturing and Hospitality – SA Diversified Products

    SA Diversified Products is a leading supplier of plastic plate covers, soup bowls, dessert bowls and drinking mugs to the Hospital catering industry for cook chill and cook fresh systems.

  • Hydraulics and Hydraulic Fittings – Tawaka Technologies (NZ and China)

    Tawaka Technologies (NZ and China) provide construction equipment to contractors in the Shaanxi Province of China.

  • Recreation and Leisure – Plastic Tap Products and Power4U® products

    Power4U® is a Spinergy product. It is a solid state portable power system ideal for tradies, caravan and camping, and providing back up power during national disasters or day to day black outs.

  • Miniature Components requiring < 500micron accuracy – Digislide Photonics

    Digislide Photonics is an innovative SA company focused on laser and LED projection designs for consumer and professional markets.

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical – Biopreme (Canada)

    Biopreme Medical Technologies is a Canadian company that has developed Ject™ Soft-Assist Syringe Adaptor, which provides the versatility of a universal syringe – but without the use of a needle.

  • Marine – Power4U®

    Spinergy®’s Power4U™ product provides back up power when you’re on the water. Its Hydrospinergy™ technologies have significant applications for submarines and offshore oil rigs.

  • Automotive –
  • Demolition and Construction – Tawaka Technologies

    Tawaka Technologies (NZ and China) – Suppliers of demolition and construction equipment to China. BSMART Housing leads the way in energy conscious home building in South Australia.

  • Mining – Perseus Mining

    Perseus Mining is an Australian company with a strong, diversified focus in West Africa. It is a gold producer, developer and explorer with major operations in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.

How we can serve you

From ideation to monetization, the BSMART™ Team can assist with sketches, concept designs, schematics, and optimizing your product or innovation. We can assist with CAD Designs, preparation of specifications and first draft patent documentation if required. BSMART™ offers obligation free quotations from design to volume production runs.

We are committed to ensuring quality focused, cost effective solutions for our clients.

If we don’t have all that it takes to meet your needs in-house, we will work seamlessly with our industry partners, including plastic injection moulders, to ensure you receive the best value and highest quality for the most reasonable cost.

BSMART™ can supply precision CNC machining. Using the latest state of the art equipment and technology, we are able to produce outstanding tolerances with very good lead times, reducing down time and pricing without comprising on our exceptional quality.

BSMART™ uses the latest plastic injection technology. By accessing full electric servo motor machines we can produce mouldings with a very high degree of accuracy, with repeatability. Using this technology we also are able to improve cycle times and make more cost effective parts, the end result is reduced cost to you, the customer, added to our great service and quality.

BSMART™ offers:

  • Specialized industry knowledge developed over 3 decades of precision engineering and component production
  • Production using state-of-the-art machinery (Metal and Plastics)
  • Timely precision manufacture of complex components in short run cycles
  • High quality volume production at reasonable prices
  • Personalized service from a highly skilled Production Manager
  • Expertise in product optimisation – working with you to refine your product from ideation to monetization