What we do

While BSMART™ is not an industrial design service, our expertise in CAD/CAM, our in-house design specialists, and state of the art equipment enables us to provide industrial design services in house for our BSMART™ Construction products, as well as for our the very complex products required by our major clients, Digislide, Spinergy® and Beneficial Plastics.

Our in-house, Industrial designer use the latest CAD modeling programs and our 3D Printing and rapid prototyping equipment are invaluable in expediting the commercialization of projects for all our clients.

What we can do for you

3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping/Additive Manufacturing using which prints parts in layers from the bottom up, using a variety of materials, depending on the client need, including resins, wax plaster, paper and metal powders.

Describe the rapid prototyping machines and services we offer, ie using ProJet technology from 3D Systems. ProJet produces strong and durable parts in thermally stable materials with exceptionally fine detail and finish. Parts are strong enough to be used as working parts , enabling testing for form, fit and function.The ProJet HD3510 Plus 3D Printer offers the highest level of accuracy and precision compared to any other 3D printer on the market. High quality smooth surface finish means prototypes rarely need to be sanded and are ready for secondary processes including painting, drilling, tapping or CNC machining with 3D scanning available.